Our Roots

We will not lead your company to where you want it to go.
But we will chart you a course to the leaders who can.

Our Roots Man_SEAT
We are a young organisation of innovative and diligent members, SEAT has an impressive approach to Human Resources sector. The way we are organised; the breadth and depth of our offering make us a vital and indispensable partner.

SEAT has been providing leadership in the specialized business of identifying and acquiring talent for the most challenging leadership positions. We lead by focusing our expertise on the very top tiers of business professionals by combining the wisdom of maturity with the vigour of youth in a tightly knit team and we lead by keeping our practice flexible enough to adapt creatively to the unique challenges that your individual search requires.

We painstakingly search for potential candidates, and subsequently apply a down-to-the-core streamline to unfold the essential qualities of a C-level executive or senior manager or CEO.

Executive Insight

We are Talent Advisors and We are committed to Your Success.

Staff at SEAT is affable and approachable. The majority of consultants come from niche industry sectors with Subject Matter Expertise.

We never forget we are dealing with people, regardless of their status and stature!

SEAT thinks, breathes and delivers quality. In our work, we make extremely careful distinctions. We are organised and the breadth and depth of our offering make us a valuable partner. We are a vibrant young organisation, flexible yet innovative. And we are diligent…

Effective executive search requires experience, instinct, competence and speed of response.
Our Consultants from diverse specific industry sectors have it all!

Our Services


Doing the hard work so you don’t have to…

SEAT has global specialists in the field of:

– Human Resource Management
– Talent Acquisition
– Customized end-to-end recruitment
– Organization Development
– Turnkey and Green Field Projects
– Market Intelligence Services
– Learning and Development
– Performance gap analysis and Improvement
– Current Market and Forecasting Market Trends
– Skilled and Unskilled Labour

Our recruitment solutions focus not just on what the market needs now, but on what it might need in the future. That’s why our services span permanent search includes senior and executive level search and why we work with our clients on either a contingent or retained basis.

Would your best new manager not prefer to be contacted and interviewed by a thorough professional consultant who has full knowledge of the position available, rather than just a recruiter who might be able to introduce him to some client?

Prior to a search, we ensure we have got all the details right. We delve down deep, far beyond the surface- never just ‘someone’ we happen to know, nor it’s about mediocre or average but the best talented candidates in the market.
Targeted, screened and tested for the right knowledge, experience, behaviour and guaranteed by us.

We apply a systematic management consulting approach to all assignments, ensuring that qualified candidates are introduced to our clients within agreed timeframes.

Working exclusively on an assignment makes it possible to really dig into each and every project.

Before you launch your executive search, SEAT has already begun.

Determining a Match: We use a variety of different sourcing strategies allowing us to maximise the potential pool of candidates available in the market. The depth of our domestic and international databases along with the ability to use multiple sourcing strategies provides a comprehensive platform to source and secure the most relevant executives for your business.

Direct Search: Through direct search within sectors and enterprise structures similar to those of our clients, we also reach professionals that may not be exposed to the market but may fit perfectly with the profile demanded for the job. The list of target sectors and companies will be defined together with the client to determine potential candidates who might match the defined profile. Our knowledge of the market and the positions along with our past successes allow us to identify the perfect talents for our clients.

Database: Our database is a powerful tool, constantly updated. After the candidates are interviewed by a specialised consultant, they are all codified with multiple codes defining their profile perfectly (Executive candidate profiles are codified by determined criteria such as functions developed, experiences gained, sector of activity, technical knowledge, current salary level and geographic mobility etc.)

Alternative Sourcing: Our sourcing mix varies from Mapping, Headhunting, Referencing, Market Intelligence and Social media recruitments to attract and maintain PASSIVE TALENT.

Selection through Social Media: Web based searches through Social Media like, Big Data, Entelo, TalentBin, Quora, Twitter, Facebook, Bull Horn, Glassdoor, Linkedin, etc. are an option to open up our search range for the perfect candidate. These sources have proven to be especially effective in attracting passive candidates. Our sophisticated understanding of the web provides us the means to source executives.

Extending your reach: By specializing in the upper echelons of retained executive search, SEAT gives you a head start in locating, evaluating and attracting the best prospects for your business…

It’s the world we live in, every day.

We continuously update our own database of proven leaders to connect with top talent from the key professional disciplines. Our experience, our connections and our reputation give you the means to reach further and deeper into this specialized leadership market. And by limiting our commitments to a select few exclusive client relationships, we broaden your access to more of today’s talent pool without conflict or compromise.


- Our Partners -

Building Careers –
Building Organisations

No matter the size of the client, we place the client’s interests as our highest priority. Our clients include major global corporations to emerging start-ups as well as not-for-profit organisations.

Between all our clients there is one certain element in common, a lasting relationship between them and SEAT. As much as our clients can gain from our expertise, we believe that we can gain just as much from them. Combining extensive resources with highly personal service, SEAT delivers an outstanding record of partnering with our Clientele across geographies and regions.

We take pride in maintaining long lasting relationships and doing absolutely everything to fulfil our clients’ needs. As a result we don’t believe a consultant´s job is completed once a client has accepted a candidate, proposed by SEAT, we go above and beyond. Our goal is to become the world´s most reliable executive consultancy and Business Partner.

- Client Service -

Relations Beyond Contract

The right focus in a search and selection process depends on the undivided attention given by our consultants to your specific question; and the experience we have in your market and the specific position concerned. That is why we always do a follow up to evaluate progress and opportunities with client and candidate. That is a basic requirement to ensure successful searches, selection and development.

No matter how internationally dispersed a client might be, or how complex a cross-border assignment is, you will always be supported by our Client Partners, who will ensure quality of service and that deadlines are met. We will also keep you continually informed of our progress, findings and results, from start to finish. This means total transparency and regular updates.

For optimum results, each project is assigned to a CLIENT PARTNER, a single point of contact for you as a client.

Why Us

- Partnership -
For us, it is not just about filling a position;
It is about creating success for our client, making teams stronger and offering amazing opportunities to candidates.
So, although we are able to complete projects in a short space of time, it is all about the long-term relation.

Designing a Programme for You

Selecting the best; not what’s available

SEAT’s campaign and recruitment expertise provide our clients with unparalleled access to specialists from across the world and a range of recruitment services that are driven by the needs of our customers and designed to deliver the greatest chances of success
no matter where in the world you need us. SEAT’s success is based on a simple proposition:
– bringing together the best people with the best jobs,
– while delivering the best levels of service

But our expertise does not stop there. Through benchmarking and needs analysis we know what success looks like in your organisation and use this knowledge and our skills to deliver only the people most relevant to you. Every person included on our shortlist will have been fully screened and evaluated and will have 360˚ references taken before we even introduce them to you.
At the outset of each assignment our consultants work with you to understand where your skills gaps are, how best to address them and what success looks like in your organisation through in-depth Market Intelligent.

We use our knowledge of the recruitment market to develop a targeted campaign and manage the selection process. It is this approach that delivers the best return on investment for our client partners and which ensures we are a business that is not bound by borders.

Our Industry Practices And Expertise

Connected. Experienced. Committed.

Thanks to the diversified composition of our team of consultants, we have experience in the following areas:

– Board and C-level positions (CEO, CFO, CIO, CCO, COO)
– Executives & Senior Management (MD, Managing Director, Business Unit Management, Director, Senior Line Management, Plant Management)
– Senior Commercial positions (Commercial Director, Business Development Manager, Key Account Manager, Sales Director, Bid Manager, Channel Director, etc.)
– Finance & Procurement (Financial Manager, Audit Manager, Group Controller, Purchasing Manager, etc.)
– IT & Telecommunication (IT Manager, Chief Architect, Technology Director, Programmer, Software Developer etc.)
– Staff Management (HR management, Communications Director, Public Affairs Director, etc.)
– Oil & Gas Specialists in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Control & Instrumentation in Process, Operation, Maintenance & Design etc.
– Technicians of all disciplines and industry verticals
– Skilled and Unskilled Labours and Helpers.

Sectors / Industries:

– Industrial Manufacturing, Automotive, Banking & Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Refinery, Engineering Procurement Constructions, Infrastructure, Roads, Highway, Bridges, Metro Railway Power & Energy, Utility, Transmission & Distributions, Substations
– FMCG, Hospitality, Real Estate & Property Management, Healthcare, Mining & Metals, Engineering & Project Management, IT & Telecom……and many more.

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