Designing a Programme for You

Selecting the best; not what’s available

SEAT’s campaign and recruitment expertise provide our clients with unparalleled access to specialists from across the world and a range of recruitment services that are driven by the needs of our customers and designed to deliver the greatest chances of success
no matter where in the world you need us. SEAT’s success is based on a simple proposition:
– bringing together the best people with the best jobs,
– while delivering the best levels of service

But our expertise does not stop there. Through benchmarking and needs analysis we know what success looks like in your organisation and use this knowledge and our skills to deliver only the people most relevant to you. Every person included on our shortlist will have been fully screened and evaluated and will have 360˚ references taken before we even introduce them to you.
At the outset of each assignment our consultants work with you to understand where your skills gaps are, how best to address them and what success looks like in your organisation through in-depth Market Intelligent.

We use our knowledge of the recruitment market to develop a targeted campaign and manage the selection process. It is this approach that delivers the best return on investment for our client partners and which ensures we are a business that is not bound by borders.